Thursday, 27 May 2010


Updates (these are becoming monthly! this isn't on purpose, I am just crazy busy at the moment! One more week until summer!)

A couple of weeks ago (13th May 2010) I handed in my Dissertation Proposal, I decided that my working title would be How well does the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 accommodate the Global Dimension? I spent a long time thinking about how to phrase the question, what age group to look at, whether to focus on Fairtrade/green issues. I decided to use the policy for the Global Dimension because it is recognised by schools as a new important area of the curriculum.

Since my last post I have also been accepted to join the Fairtrade Foundation Campaigner Advisory group. We have our first meeting on the 3rd June 2010, so will blog after that to let you know how it went! I have also been offered a place volunteering for Action Aids Bollocks to Poverty Campaign at Beach Break Live, this is an opportunity that I am extremely excited about. Lets hope some of my applications for other festival volunteering get accepted as well!!! 

Short but Sweet!

A real update after exams next week! :-) 

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