Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 - The year of the revival of my Blog...

...this time I have made a New Years resolution that it will be updated regularly and full of things to think about! (Inspired by one of my followers who reminded me that I haven't blogged in a long time.) I am going to make sure I take the time to update you all on a regular basis with great things about how we can all make small changes to the way that we live...things that might benefit us and others around us.  I am also going to give my blog a new look for its new year!

So before I embark on making these changes I am going to leave you with a few links :-)

  • If you haven't already made any New Years resolutions, here is a great article that will help you to form ideas for promises that you can make for 2011 that will help to make a difference! 
  • Or perhaps you would like to get active this new year and help raise money for charity?! PICTURE THIS: Flying in a plane at 10,000 ft...then falling at 120mph with the wind screaming past your body, "an unbelievable experience of total freedom"...plummeting to the ground...before deploying a canopy and landing safely back on two feet (hopefully) ...Have you ever thought about doing a skydive?! Have you got it in you to take the plunge!?...By participating you will be raising money for Action Aid UK. Feeling brave?! Check this out...!
  • Or perhaps you would feel more comfortable with two feet firmly on the ground?! Maybe instead you wouldn't mind sparing £1 to help me reach my fund-raising target?! My Sponsorship page
Before I sign out I will leave you with a link that leads to some incredibly stunning photographic images African Lens "seek to tell the story of Africa through visual elements which captures the essence of (their) everyday lives."

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